Another Donate Life Month Quiz

At the end of this special month, I came across a brief Donate Life Month Quiz I posted a few years back. Happy to see that it’s still accurate. I thought I’d add a few updates:

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1–To be a living kidney donor, you have to be (a) young, (b) a family member of the recipient, (c) brave, (d) all of the above, or (e) none of the above?

(a) Wrong. I was 58. In fact, more than a third of living donors are over 50.

(b) Wrong. Though the largest group of donors are indeed family members, unrelated donors are an increasingly large portion of living donors.

(c) Wrong. “Brave” is certainly not a word ever used to describe me! As a self-described wimp, I relied heavily on my supportive and caring transplant team, who did all they could to accommodate my needs and concerns. The experience proved to be much easier than I expected (certainly easier than childbirth!).

(d) Wrong.

(e) Bingo! Happily, none of the above.

2–To qualify for financial assistance from the National Living Donor Assistance Center, (a) a donor has to be related to the recipient, (b) you can’t be a nondirected (aka altruistic) donor, and (c) you and your recipient must be U.S. citizens.
All false. If you’re not U.S. citizens, however, both recipient and donor must be “lawfully present residents.” As I explained in my last post, NLDAC has greatly expanded its assistance for living donors, and more people qualify than ever before. Be sure to check out the guidelines.

For related posts and information on my new book, The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation, be sure to explore the rest of my website.

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