A Virtual Trek for Transplant

I’ve been on vacation and haven’t been here in a long while. What did I miss?

One cool activity that I know is already under way is the Trek to the Games (that’s the Transplant Games 2022, which will be held July 29 to August 3 in San Diego). California is a long way from my home base in North Carolina, so I won’t be at the Games in person, much as I’d love to. But this is a virtual trek: a fun, creative way to raise awareness of and educate people about organ transplantation.

It’s the brainchild of Transplant Trekkers, fellow living donors, kidney recipients, professionals, and advocates for donation. You may recall that that’s the San Diego-based re-formed group of the original WELD (Women Encouraging Living Donation).

The Trek started June 1 but runs through August 4. That means that if you’re interested, you can still join the journey a bit late, like me. My favorite activity–and the way I’ll be making my way on the roughly 3,000-mile virtual trek from New Jersey to California–is by walking outdoors; for my husband, it’s running; for my friend Sharon, it’s swimming and cycling.

Whether your favorite activity is one of those, or gardening or pickleball or whatever, you can participate by entering the “miles” you run/walk etcetera (there’s a conversion chart) in a digital chart that’s then displayed on a map of the country.

Just go to the Transplant Trekkers website for complete information and registration ($10). You’ll be asked if you want to join a team (mine is the Cheetah Trekkers). You can join mine or another–or participate on your own.

The hope is to involve people who know little or nothing about transplant, because participants will learn fun facts about organ transplantation and donation along the way. Everyone is encouraged to invite friends and family who are simply active and maybe intrigued by this adventure.

I have to go enter my miles now. Hope to see you en route!

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