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March 2023: TransplantNATION “Updates”

We were delighted that TransplantNATION invited us to reflect on the year since its review of The Insider’s Guide and its feature on Betsy and me. As we wrote, it’s been a very exciting and gratifying year, filled with podcasts, TV and radio interviews, and wonderful emails from readers. Most gratifying and moving of all were reports of living donations inspired or encouraged by reading our book!

February 2023: GiftedLife Podcast

Listen to the half-hour interview we recorded last month!

March-April 2022: Chapel Hill Magazine

The print copy of Chapel Hill Magazine–with a beautiful spread on us and the book, of course (shot at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, NC)–is now out!

March 2022:

“Hope with Jonathan”–a live 1-hour video broadcast episode about The Insider’s Guide. If you missed it, watch now!

A TV News feature on ABC 11, with Amber Rupinta. Watch now.

Betsy and I pose with Amber, the ABC11 anchor who interviewed us.

The Spectrum TV interview we taped is airing now! Watch it here.

February 2022: TransplantNation Magazine Lauds “The Insider’s Guide”

We were honored at the wonderful review TransplantNation magazine gave our book (“an incredible tool for individuals at any stage of the transplant process”) in the current issue (vol. 4, no. 2). It highlights the range of topics covered and shares parts of Betsy’s story and mine.

Focusing on the subject of caregivers, the feature also includes “Thoughts from a recipient and co-author” (a Q&A with Betsy about choosing her husband Mike as her caregiver); and “Thoughts from a caregiver,” a Q&A with Sharon Williams, one of our book’s contributors. Sharon was a caregiver for her late husband, a two-time transplant recipient, and shares her insights and advice.

January 2022: Interview on Donor Diaries Podcast!

Betsy and I were interviewed recently by Donor Diaries host (and nondirected kidney donor) Laurie Lee. We’re eager to hear the final version. Listen now!

WCHL’s “Weekend Watercooler”

The website’s description: The program will cover the spectrum of local and state hot topics, with the feel of friends and colleagues gathering at the water cooler to discuss the issues of the day. Hosted by Jean Bolduc.

Betsy and I just taped a free-wheeling, down-to-earth chat with Jean about our experiences and our book, The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation. Listen this weekend (first aired Oct. 2021–link will remain)!

UNC Health Care Newsroom

Betsy is a professor in the Medical School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They ran a piece on her recent transplant and our new book (September 2021).

Urban Health Outreach Media

Kidney Stories 2 with Uncle Jim

Betsy and I were interviewed by well-known kidney recipient/advocate Jim Myers for a 1-hour live broadcast. Watch now! (Originally aired August 2021.)

KQED Forum

San Francisco’s popular NPR affiliate station focused on living donation recently, featuring Carol’s story in a live call-in show, The Forum. The episode is available online ( (Originally aired June 2021.)

Living Kidney Donation: The Greatest Gift

“This Podcast Will Kill You”

Betsy Crais, the co-author of my book, The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation: Everything You Need to Know If You Give (or Get) the Greatest Gift, and I opened a recent episode of this popular and creative science podcast. We each told our story (mine of donating to my adult son in 2006 and Betsy of receiving a kidney in 2004). We also told listeners about our book, of course. (Originally aired February 2021.)

Episode 66 The Outs and Ins of Organ Transplantation

Spectrum TV News

The gift of life: Chapel Hill women advocate for organ donation

Aired June 28, 2018. Watch video.

By Madison Cavalchire

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Two Chapel Hill women want to encourage others to consider organ donation.

  • Carol Offen donated a kidney to her son
  • Dr. Elizabeth Crais received a kidney from her co-worker.
  • The two women are writing a book together.

That’s why they’re writing a book together — to share their experiences.


Chapel Hill organ donor, recipient co-author new book

Aired June 10, 2018.  Watch video.

By Andrea Blanford Sunday, June 10, 2018

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) — Two Chapel Hill women know what it means to share a life with someone. One of them, Carol Offen, is a kidney donor. The other, Dr. Elizabeth Crais, is a recipient.

Their paths crossed long before their organ donation stories were written; acquaintances turned co-authors.

“I always tell people I was a very unlikely kidney donor- living donor- because I’ve always been a wimp,” said Offen.

Your Health Radio

Living Organ Donation: One Woman’s Story

Aired on station WCHL-FM March 16, 2017.  Listen to the show.

This weekend on YOUR HEALTH®, in honor of National Kidney Month, Adam & guest co-host Laurel Sisler welcome Carol Offen, who, after donating a kidney to her son 10 years ago, has become an advocate for living organ donation. 

UNC Health Care Newsroom

A Mother’s Gift

Ten years ago Carol Offen donated a kidney to her son. Today she works to demystify the process of live organ donation in the hopes that more people will give the gift of life.


Carol Offen, with Paul (right) and her husband Neil at the 2016 Kidney Walk

Paul needed a new kidney and Carol was a match.

Raising a child means giving of yourself. For most of us, this idea means offering advice, guidance, encouragement and, when necessary, gentle reproach. But when Carol Offen’s son Paul began to experience deterioration in his kidney function, what she needed to give became more concrete.

It’s been more than 10 years since Carol gave a kidney to her son and both have thrived since then. Carol describes the experience as “the best decision I have ever made – and I don’t just mean for Paul. It’s the most noble thing I’ve ever done.”

Read more here!