The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation

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Advance Praise for
The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation
“Inspirational, educational, and accessible. By combining personal stories with practical advice and clear information about the ins and outs of living kidney donation, this book proves to be an invaluable resource, answering questions you may never know you had about the process.”
—ERIN WELSH, Ph.D., co-host of “This Podcast Will Kill You”

“Carol Offen and Betsy Crais have left no stone unturned in covering all facets of kidney donation and transplantation. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips—a tool I wish existed 16 years ago when I donated.”
—BRENDA E. CORTEZ, author of Howl the Owl® series and Because of Organ Donation

“This book is an absolute must for anyone touched by kidney disease. Along the lines of Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, it is a joy to read, gives you practical knowledge and personal stories, and once you finish it you have a greater understanding of the beautiful world of transplantation.”
—JOSHUA D. MEZRICH, M.D., author of When Death Becomes Life: Notes of a Transplant Surgeon

“The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation is a real gem, written by Carol Offen and Elizabeth Crais. From The Essentials to the future of living kidney donor transplant, this book covers the waterfront! A must read for anyone seeking a kidney transplant! Highly recommended!”
—JAMES MYERS, 2019 NKF Advocate of the Year; American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) Board of Directors

“As a nondirected kidney donor, I was thrilled to read The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation. Donating a kidney is an experience like none other, but I wish I had had this guide when I donated. Whether you are a candidate for donation or simply curious, we finally have a source that answers every question I had prior to donating, and much more. Kudos to the authors!”
—NED BROOKS, founder of National Kidney Donation Organization (NKDO)

“As a clinician and researcher focused on the care and outcomes of living donors, I am delighted that Carol Offen and Betsy Crais have created this clear, up-to-date, nontechnical guide to help potential donors understand key considerations as they approach the donation process. Guided by firsthand experiences of those who have been there, this resource will help donor candidates and families structure conversations with their transplant professionals.”
—KRISTA LENTINE, M.D., Ph.D.; St. Louis, Missouri

In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from the preface to provide a better idea of our goals for the book:

.When Betsy faced declining kidney function in the early 2000s, the only books she found to inform her were renal-focused cookbooks or medical texts about kidney diseases, with short chapters about her condition (polycystic kidney disease, or PKD). There was little available on what to expect before and after dialysis or transplant, and certainly nothing that delved into topics related to emotions or family relationships.

And when Carol faced the opposite situation years later—contemplating being a living donor for her adult son, Paul—she knew no one who had donated a kidney. She had dozens of questions and could ask the professionals some of them but had no one to advise her who’d been through the experience….

The awareness that most people do not have a critical support system prompted us both to want to write a book that could help others know what to expect throughout the processes….

Sure, a Google search now offers lots of information on living donation, but digging through the often-conflicting, frequently out-of-date, bewildering array is overwhelming. We wanted to do the vetting for readers and offer clear, reliable resources.

Our ultimate goal in writing The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation is to highlight the desperate need for living donors and to both encourage and support donation. Overwhelming statistics—like 100,000 people on years-long wait lists for a kidney and fewer than 25,000 transplants performed each year—become more understandable and meaningful when they are presented in terms of individuals’ firsthand experiences….