Selena Gomez: Are You Vaccinated?

I trust that you are because you’ve spoken out against COVID vaccine misinformation. In the winter, I wrote about the importance of everyone getting vaccinated, particularly transplant recipients like Stevie Wonder, Selena Gomez–and my son.

In the spring, we learned that organ recipients, who must take immunosuppressants to keep their body from rejecting the gifted organ, do not get nearly as much protection (sometimes none) from the vaccine. That certainly does NOT mean transplant recipients shouldn’t get the vaccine–it’s safe, not a live virus, and any protection against COVID is worth a jab or two or three. But their vulnerability makes it even more important that the rest of us do get fully vaccinated.

Now that the Pfizer vaccine has full FDA approval, and it’s in the works for other vaccines, we can hope that more people who were hesitant will get their jab–for their own protection and for their loved ones and yours and mine.

Selena, Stevie: hearing important COVID vaccine information from you just might make the difference. Please continue to try!

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