Our Living Kidney Donation Book Is Finally Here!

Well, would you look at what the UPS truck just brought: advance copies of “the book”! At long last, The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation is a reality!

Here are a few interesting book-related stats for you trivia buffs (most of them not the kind of stats that WordPress will show in a widget):

Number of pages: 258

Months in production: 5

Months from date Betsy and I sent manuscript to copy editor until bound books: 7 months

Elapsed time from conception to bound books: 83 months (yup, you read that right: 6 years, 11 months)

Number of drafts: I haven’t a clue but probably upwards of 10

Meetings with Betsy: hundreds

Number of large notebooks filled with handwritten meeting notes: 2.5

Number of sleepless nights: far too many to count

Feeling of holding it in our hands at last: priceless

You can pre-order the paperback or Kindle version on Amazon or purchase now here.

5 thoughts on “Our Living Kidney Donation Book Is Finally Here!

  1. The picture looks really good! Jane

    Jane S. Gabin, Ph.D.Independent Scholar and ConsultantNCIS: National Coalition of Independent Scholars Member: NACAC, SACAC, International ACAC

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