Happy 15th to The Comeback Kidney!

We’ve been celebrating the anniversary of the day I donated my left kidney (yes, we named it The Comeback Kidney) to my adult son, Paul, every year.

Sometimes with a big party:

And a few fun mementos, courtesy of Paul’s sister, Nora:

Sometimes with whatever we could manage, as in 2020 when we were dealing with COVID and a few other “inconveniences”:

But we never failed to mark this very special occasion, the day that gave Paul a new lease on life–almost literally–and planted the seeds that gradually sprouted into my donation advocacy.

Now, here we are at Number 15! The Comeback Kidney, thankfully, is still going strong, and my humble remaining kidney is doing great, so we have much to celebrate. Though there was no big party, we were able to enjoy a lovely dinner at a favorite restaurant followed by an updated version of the cake.

It was an extra treat to be able to share it– indoors–with a couple of good friends, who thoughtfully presented us with the most appropriate kidneyversary gift of all: a donation to the charity of our choice.

After all, attention must be paid. (And please pay attention to your own kidneys–be sure to have your kidney function checked at your next check-up.)

2 thoughts on “Happy 15th to The Comeback Kidney!

  1. Happy anniversary to both of you!

    Laurie McDonald, LCSW, CCTSW | Transplant Case Manager
    UNC Center for Transplant Care
    101 Manning Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    p (984) 974-7599 | f (984) 974-6240
    If you are a patient, please go to http://www.myuncchart.org and set up your My UNC Chart account so that I may correspond with you confidentially. To protect your privacy, UNC Center for Transplant Care staff cannot send personal health information via email.


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