Advocacy Ripples in the Medical Community

I became a living kidney donor simply out of necessity, because my son needed a kidney. I became an informal donation advocate basically because the experience was so much easier than I feared, and so gratifying that it had an extraordinary impact on me, so I wanted others to know about it. At first I advocated by writing op-eds and online articles… then through my book with Betsy Crais, The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation, which is now in production.

While our book was in the works, next came this website and blog, and I started to see the ripples spread out. Then I became a National Kidney Foundation kidney advocate and started meeting with lawmakers. I was excited to see that impact widen as I lobbied for legislation to protect and support living donors and to help people like my son and Betsy, with chronic kidney disease.

Now I’m thrilled to report that with the recent publication of a widely heralded textbook for transplant professionals, Living Kidney Donation, those ripples are spilling into the medical community. As lead author of a Patients’ Foreword, I was honored to help craft a message to those professionals who work with kidney patients, donors, and their families every day.

A “Patients’ Foreword” for a medical textbook is certainly a novel idea, and it’s totally consistent with co-editor Krista Lentine’s advocacy for kidney transplant patients and living donors. Dr. Lentine was recently honored with a major award from NKF, the 2021 Excellence in Kidney Transplantation Award.

I’m humbled to share a citation with her and grateful to know that the patient’s perspective will have a wider, meaningful voice in the medical community.

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