Living Donors: What Do You Think About COVID Vaccines?

Last week I wrote about issues surrounding kidney recipients’ getting a COVID-19 vaccine. In it I offhandedly mentioned that risks and priority currently aren’t considered particular issues for living donors. So I’ve been trying to get an appointment for a COVID vaccination ever since the eligibility in my state opened up to include people over 65. Putting aside the frustration of not enough vaccines, limited appointment times, the disorganization, and so on, personally, I’m all for it.

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But I know that some people aren’t so sure.

I was glad to learn that studies of living donors’ attitudes have already started. Drexel University College of Medicine, for one, wants to know what we think–and what that’s based on–about donors and recipients getting the vaccine. Whether you’ve already donated or you’re still in the evaluation process, please take this anonymous survey on living donors’ and potential donors’ multifaceted perspectives.

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