Rewrapping the Greatest Gift

If you’ve been following this blog and are familiar with my site, you already know that I’ve been writing a book on living kidney donation with a live-donor kidney recipient, Betsy Crais. It’s long been tentatively titled The Greatest Gift: The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation. Now that we’re down to the review process and planning for publication in 2021, we’ve made a big decision.

This book has never been just for people considering donating a kidney. We’ve always looked at our task as lending readers a hand before, during, and after the actual surgery. Similarly, there’s plenty in there for people living with end stage renal disease (kidney failure), throughout the transplant process (including dialysis) and beyond, as we touch on delicate family dynamics and relationships.

Anyone who has experienced donation or transplant–or has a loved one who has–knows that both are so much more than medical decisions and events. That’s why we wanted the title to reflect the book’s broader role. So, drum roll please, our new title is The Insider’s Guide to Living Kidney Donation: Everything You Need to Know If You Give (or Get) the Greatest Gift.

Watch this space for more news. We’ll let you know when we have a specific publication date.

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